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NFC tag payment solution.

The canteen manager of the company Abbvie contacted Loyaltek in order to implement a simple, fast and inexpensive micro-payment system. By sticking an NFC tag on staff members and visitors' badges, Loyaltek has given the possibility to activate an on-line virtual account linked to this tag thanks to a management terminal. Once it is activated, each user's virtual account can be funded thanks to an autonomous terminal from the canteen with a payment card (Maestro, Visa, Mastercard.).

A contact-less payment terminal is linked to the HASCO CASH REGISTER of the canteen. The payment is made by displaying a badge equipped with a NFC tag in front of the terminal. This operation takes less than one second. Appart from this fast, contact-less and on-line solution, the terminal also allows to pay with a debit or credit card. In this case, transaction fees apply and will be charged to customers.

For this project, Loyaltek provided the cards (NFC tags.), the terminals, the authorization servers and all of the payment system's software.

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Fast-response contact-less lunchcard.

Baxterstorey, the company managing the canteen of Huawei UK, contacted Proxyclick and Loyaltek in order to implement a fast payment system to allow 1000 people to order meal during lunch break. A contact-less card was distributed to every staff member and visitor. For each card, a virtual account is created un Proxyclick's management system. Proxyclick accepts all kind off payment to fund the virtual account on-line.

Once their virtual account is activated and funded, each user can pay thanks to a Loyaltek payment terminal linked to Baxterstorey's cash register. The terminal uses the cash register's Internet connectivity to connect to Loyaltek and Proxyclick's authorization servers. However, if the connectivity is lost, there is a back-up mode allowing to accept card payment off-line. As soon as the connection is restored, the payments saved in the terminal are directly sent.

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